Mom and Daughter Belly dancing

October 2, 2018

Here are my 4 “Favorite Things” about Mom and daughter Belly Dancing No matter what the ages are:



1. Bonding: They’re only young once!  

Every year I hear the voices of Mommies whisper “I’m just not sure how much longer she’ll want to dance with me!”  The opportunity to bond with your daughter while she is a child comes but once in her lifetime.  Share the fun of Belly Dance with her while you still have the chance! 


2. Set an example, BE a positive role model! 

What better way to teach your little one the importance of health, fitness and an overall active lifestyle than to do it yourself… with her!  Belly Dance offers many health and fitness benefits for kids and adults alike.  Why not talk the talk and walk the walk? Experience a healthy lifestyle together in an environment that is positive, friendly and fun….


3. It takes a village to raise a child!  

Before and after class, during breaks, and everywhere in between the constant exchange of tips, tricks, and “how to’s” between mommies is ever present.  How wonderful it is to see the bonding extend to that of mother to mother, it becomes a support group unlike any other!    


4. Open her eyes!

Belly Dance originates from the Orient and is danced in many Middle Eastern countries today.  Often times, this ancient dance form is traditionally passed down from generation to generation by mothers, grandmothers, aunts and sisters to younger girls at family events and special occasions.  As foreigners representing Middle Eastern dance, mothers and daughters experience educational and cultural enrichment as they learn to Belly Dance!





 Susan and Candice

 Our reason was to spend quality time together and do something that was just for us. We then realised how much we enjoyed dancing together in the show's groups and mommy daughter dances. Not only is it quality time at the studio but also the practicing at home for shows as well.

Candice All that mom said above. I can add that the feeling of being on stage side by side together is something special. Dancing gives us time together where we don’t have to stress about the world, we can just have fun together.





Ingrid and Vanessa. 

We started belly dancing to spend time together doing something that both of us enjoy and at the same time to get away from the traffic of life. The time together has also allowed us to strengthen our bond and reconnect.  Performing on stage has boosted our confidence and we have something very special to look forward to every week and to refuel again for the rest of the week.  To top it off, we have had the experience to meet two wonderful dance instructors and a bunch of amazing woman.






 I used to watch my mom at shows and practises wanting to dance just like her. I used to stand at the back and try copy what my mom was doing. She was a huge inspiration to me and I couldn't wait forever the day when I could begin belly dancing as well. With already having some dancing experience, having started ballet when I was 3 I wasn't terrible when I started but I still had a lot to learn. I started when I was 7 and I absolutely loved every bit of it, I danced duets with her and it was a great way to spend quality time with her. When she stopped when I was 10 and I carried on by myself I didn't lose courage with her not being at my side, I feel like her not being there allowed me to grow even more. My mom will always be my biggest inspiration in dancing even when she isn't there dancing with me. I grew up watching her and learned how to dance through watching her. I remember sitting in the car listening to music and helping her try to figure out which moves to use. I live making my mom proud when I dance, seeing the happiness on her face when I dance brings me so much joy and knowing that I made her happy with the way I dance makes me never want to stop dancing. I dance because it makes me feel free and that I can do anything in the world. I love trying new things and learning new ways to do old moves. When I dance I forget about anything that might be happening at home or at school and I just have fun.




Pauline and Candice

Mother and Daughter Belly dancing was a great experience, we connected on so many different levels. We bonded as one as the music flowed through us, constantly pushing each other out of the comfort zone. One thing to understand about Belly Dancing. You spend your time letting go of the past and not worrying about the future but rather embracing the present, connecting with the earth and practice, practice, practice. Having your mother as a dancing partner makes the experience better.

My mother and I enjoyed doing the Duets together, we enjoyed choosing our duet music, choreographing the dance moves and planning our Costumes and props was always a highlights for us.




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